Element lines

PENOPE brand’s element tables, multifunction bridges, notching saws and other special equipment have been manufactured in Finland.

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Penope delivers reliable solutions for woodworking. From our product range you can find CNC machines, saws, handling systems, dust extraction systems and machines for surface treatment.

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Penope delivers reliable solutions for machining of aluminium. From our product range you can find CNC machines, saws and corner jointing machines.

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Plastics and advanced materials

Penope delivers reliable solutions for machining of advanced materials. From our product range you can find CNC machines, saws and waterjet cutting systems.

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Industrial equipment

Penope delivers high quality tools, abrasives and glues for your production.

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After sales services

Effective production is the key to profitable business. Make a service contract with us and we will keep your production running. Our competent technical staff makes the installation, instruction and maintenance of the equipment delivered by us. We also deliver repair and spare parts for machines and equipments sold by us, but also for other brands.

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Reliable solutions for industry

Penope Oy is the supplier of high-quality machinery and machining lines as well as tooling, filtering systems and industrial supplies in Finland.

Penope, strongly Finnish

Our quality system has been certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our services are under continuous development, and we are committed to work for the future of the woodworking branch and the Finnish entrepreneurship.

• The most versatile product range on the market for the various needs of the woodworking sector
• Deliveries ranging up to complete production lines and plants
• Assembly, maintenance, overhaul and spare part services
• We represent the world’s leading machine manufacturers


Enerec delivers total solutions to environmental challenges

Enerec is Penope’s new business unit, which delivers powerful and economic solutions for all waste handling and production processes. For more information see www.enerec.fi.